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Meet Mike

The reason I am running for Supervisor is simple-- I want my kids to live in the Placer County I grew up in. Placer County is a special place and it’s why my parents moved here in the early 90’s. When we moved to Rocklin, there was a strong sense of community. While the county has over doubled in size since moving here, that sense of community still remains strong. While the days of the Jubilee are gone, they have been replaced by Celebrate America, Christmas Tree Lightings, Hot Chili Cool Cars, and much more. Our community remains strong. I wish to serve my community. 

My Story

I grew up in Rocklin from a young age and I only spent my college and law school years away. When my daughter was born, we moved back to Rocklin within a month from our home in San Diego. Placer County was the only option in my wife and my opinion to raise children. It is a little slice of heaven in a dysfunctional state. 


Now my kids go to the same schools I went to, and I am seeing Placer County from a different perspective. A parent and professional perspective.  My wife and I made the right choice on where to raise our children. Placer County is special. People flee California, they do not flee Placer County. I would be proud to represent and serve the people of District 3 and all of Placer County. 


My experience includes years of working in politics, helping good candidates both get elected and advising while in office. The leadership seen in this county from the smallest boards up has been special. When the right people are serving, Placer County is a better place. It has been my mission over the past years to find and help the right people to serve. My experience also includes being an  Executive Director of a Non-Profit and serving on numerous boards. It would be my honor to serve our community as your next Supervisor.

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