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Sac Bee Article on June Fundraising

As you may be aware, I launched my campaign shortly before the first campaign finance reporting period. During that time I reached my fundraising goal and, in fact, have nearly doubled that amount since I filed my report.

I am grateful for each and every person who has invested in my campaign and am confident this group of supporters will continue to grow.

With my campaign experience, I understand money is the lifeblood of politics, but also understand how to efficiently spend the money to reach out to my community and eliminate overhead.

I never anticipated outraising my opponent, but to simply raise the amount of money I need to effectively communicate with voters and put me in a place to understand their wants and needs. I will continue to focus on running my own race, with my own efficient budget, and an emphasis on effective community outreach and grassroots principals.

Although I am an outsider and not your typical politician, I am right where I need to be to accomplish my budgetary goals before March, and will continue to focus on my community, their needs, and making sure every dollar donated does not go to waste.

I am thankful for the recent Sac Bee article on the June financial filing. While they focus heavily on the money raised, they also do a fair job of pointing out where the money is spent and who exactly is donating to the candidates. Campaigns should be about community outreach, and not about who has the richest friends or lobbyists in Sacramento.

Once again I can not adequately express my gratitude for those who believe in me to be the fighter our community needs. We are on course, and I appreciate everyone for your support getting there!

Please visit for more information or to donate.


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